Pat Friesen


Pat Friesen is a nationally recognized writer, creative strategist, and columnist with over 25 years of direct response experience.

Her strategic approach to writing copy and content has become the foundation for control-beating work for organizations such as the American Academy of Family Physicians, Procter & Gamble, Fingerhut, Old American Insurance, Hallmark, Fred Pryor Seminars, Daily Word, Cushman Fruit, and the Missouri Auction School. She’s written about everything from hog sperm, blood-letting chairs and PVC piping to burial insurance, Christie Brinkley’s Beyond Beauty newsletter, gourmet chocolates, and designer sweaters hand knit in Peru.

Friesen’s career includes in-house, agency and freelance experience writing for email, direct mail, website content and landing pages, catalogs and space advertising. Her specialty is creating copy that generates measurable action whether it’s a click, call or visit to a store or website.

Her professional accomplishments include Gold Ambit and Gold Echo awards, recognition by the Women's Direct Response Group of New York, and being honored as the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association’s first female president and Direct Marketer of the Year.
A columnist for Target Marketing magazine, Friesen is also a nationally recognized speaker and workshop presenter, as well as frequent lecturer on university campuses. She is a member of the national Direct Marking Association