Philosophy vs. Medium

Most people view direct marketing as a medium—like print, TV, radio, collateral, websites and eMail. Direct marketing is a philosophy—not a medium. It’s all about using past intelligence, current insight and creative intuition to develop marketing and creative to generate a positive result. A result that generates a measurable response allowing you to determine success no matter what medium is used. And, with today’s new digital and interactive technologies, success can be determined almost instantly.

At DM Creative Group we live and breathe this philosophy in every aspect of our clients’ marketing projects and assignments. We determine the metrics for success and develop campaigns around these metrics. We know no matter what the result, we sell, we learn, and we have the tools in place to continually deliver and improve our clients’ results.

Everything is Creative. Creative is Everything.

From copy and art to ink and paper, from accounting to public relations, from web programming to computer hardware, from marketing to legal, everyone who brings something to bear on a project or program is creative. We depend on our clients, vendors, employees and partners to bring all their creativity to the table on each and every project or campaign. It’s the only way to develop award winning, results pulling solutions. When we all bring creativity to what we do, 1 + 1 = 3.

You’re Only as Good as Your Team

Our team has many years of experience. In years. In media. In business. And especially in creative. For each project, we assemble the right expertise. And if we don’t have it, we find it. We have a strong specialized pool of experts to not just complete you project, but to take it to the next level.


Apple. Coke. Nike. Starbucks. A powerful brand connects with your customers emotionally. We’ll make yours stand out with insightful messaging and inspiring graphic design.


Web 2.0 can help you grow! From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest, we’ll help you leverage the latest social media tools to engage new customers.


Think of it as Outbound Marketing on steroid: Direct mailings that become control packages. Print ads that become control packages. Print ads that pull. Inserts that outperform. And Trade Show promos that improve results.


Help your best customers find you! Our Inbound Marketing expert will guide you with more effective SEO, content management strategies, and blogs they’ll bookmark.